Obesity and diabetes resources

Obesity and diabetes are major concerns for Bermuda and around the world. Below are some resources for a better understanding of obesity and what other countries are doing to address the problem:


Evidence Sheets (by Life-Stage)

PREGNANCY - Summary (405.12 KB)





SENIORS - Summary (409.98 KB)

Obesity Clinical Guidelines

UK: Obesity Management Guidelines

Canada: Management and prevention of obesity

Australia: Management of overweight and obesity in Adults, Adolescents and Children in Australia

USA: Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of overweight and obesity in adults


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Overweight and Obesity - CDC's obesity efforts focus on policy and environmental strategies to make healthy eating and active living accessible and affordable.

RUDD Center for Food Policy & Obesity - An advocacy organization with the mission to promote solutions to childhood obesity, poor diet, and weight through research and policy.

Change Lab Solutions (Childhood Obesity) - Policy organization focused on reversing the national childhood obesity epidemic.

Obesity Health Alliance - A UK based coalition of 40 organisations who have joined together to fight obesity.

Canadian Obesity Network - A Canadian organization providing an authoritative voice on evidence-based approaches for obesity prevention, treatment, and policy.

The Food Foundation - An independent think tank tackling growing challenged facing the UK's food system.

London Food Link - An organization working for a healthy, sustainable and ethical food system for London.

Video and Podcasts

Greezin - About the obesity epidemic in Bermuda

The Weight of the Nation - HBO's series produced by the Centres of Disease Control and National Institute of Health to look at the obesity issue in America.

Life Course Approach in Public Health - Pan American Health Organization and WHO review what is the life course approach and how that affects your current state of health

University of Oxford - Obesity Series

Yale University - Rudd Reports


The Best Obesity Blogs of 2017

Obesity Panacea

Child Obesity Research Insight

Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes



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