How can I find out if I have Bermudian status?

You can find out if you have Bermudian Status by searching the Bermudian Status Register or you can consult the Department of Immigration.

You will need to be registered before you can have your passport stamped to confirm that you are registered as a Bermudian.

If your name appears on the Bermudian Status Register, there is no charge to have your passport stamped.

If your Bermudian status cannot be verified, this does not mean that you are not Bermudian; you just need to be confirmed as such. To get confirmed you must complete  the application for Bermudian status. Once you have completed the form, you may submit it together with a $16 fee and your long-form birth certificate (i.e. with your parents' names on it) and it will be processed as soon as possible.

You can mail the completed form (including the fee) to the Department of Immigration, P.O. Box HM1364, Hamilton HM FX, or visit the Department of Immigration office, 1st Floor, Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton HM 12.