Helpful Resources

Ageing and Disability Services (ADS) assists with connecting seniors and persons with physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities and their caregivers with services and resources to support them.

How do I find the helping service I need?

  • Use Helping Services, our online database of services in Bermuda:
    • Get a hard copy of the the Directory of Helping Services from the Health Promotion Office, Continental Building, Ground Floor, 25 Church Street, Hamilton (while supplies last) or download a PDF version here:
  • Contact ADS directly at 292-7802 or

Where can I find tips and tools on long term care?

There are also helpful resources online for issues facing seniors, persons with disabilities and their loved ones. See the list and links below. If you have recommendations for additional resources to be added to this list, please submit them to with the subject line: Online Resources, for review.



 Disability Benefits  A Guide to Benefits Avialable to Persons with Disabilities in Bermuda
 Home Care

All home care resources and guidance are now found at: This includes but is not limited to:

To register as a home care provider go to:

To find a registered home care provider go to: 


What is Dementia?-  Alzheimer's Association

Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s – Practical Tips Handbook

Care Training Resources- Alzheimer's Association 

Positive Approach to Care- Teepa Snow 

Caregiving & Support- Memory and Ageing Center, UCSF

Dementia Directives

KEMH Mood and Memory Clinic

Action on Alzheimers and Dementia, Bermuda

WHO Dementia Inclusive Society Toolkit

End of Life Care

The Conversation Project - provides starter kits to help have the conversation about end of life care and what is important to you. There are a range of kits including:

Advanced Care Directives - General information from the Bermuda Hospitals Board

Final Steps - for tools and resources for end of life planning

Care Homes

All information on licensed care homes can now be found at:

Education and Training for Care providers

 Listing of relevant education and training can now be found at:

 Rehabilitation support

Rehabilitation Services – Bermuda Hospitals Board

Health programmes in Bermuda | Government of Bermuda (


The inclusion or non-inclusion of a resource does not imply endorsement. These have been included to direct people to resources available online, but will be updated or changed as needed.