• Harrington Sound Primary School building will be closed tomorrow - Friday, May 26. All students, in school uniform, to meet their teachers at Albouy's Point Park in Hamilton for 8:30am where registration will be taken prior to travel to Dockyard. Parents to pick up their students from Albouy's Park between 2:30 - 3:30pm. More details here.


  • The Department of Parks advises that camping registration will open on 8 May for the 15 May - 30 September camping season. Permits can be collected at the Department of Parks, Ground Floor, Global House, 43 Church Street. Camping rate: $14 per night.

Healthy living

How healthy are Bermudians? In December 2014, the Department of Health concluded a study to measure the risk of developing a chronic disease such as heart diseases, cancer, stroke, or diabetes for the Government of Bermuda.

In total, 42 per cent of Bermudians had three or more specific risk factors:

  • daily smokers
  • low fruit and vegetable consumption
  • insufficient physical activity
  • overweight
  • raised or high blood pressure

Read the Steps to a Well Bermuda Health Survey 2014 for detailed findings.

Health surveys of Bermuda’s residents are conducted every three to five years. These health surveys collect information about the health status of residents in Bermuda, their use of health services and  facilities, and health related aspects of their lifestyle.

The aim of the surveys are to:  

  • obtain information on a range of health issues,
  • enable trends in health to be monitored over time, 
  • and  provide information on health indicators for health priority areas.

Eating well in Bermuda

In 2011, most Bermudian adults were overweight or obese. To combat obesity in Bermuda, the government developed the eatwell_bda_dietary_guidelines1.pdfEat Well Dietary Guidelines to help Bermudians make healthy choices with food.

Maintaining health and healthy living

You’re never far from support for your health in Bermuda. See if one of the Department of Health’s programmes can help you.

The Department of Health provides several helpful resources for making healthy choices, all of which are available in PDF format:

It’s also important to keep up to date on your immunizations. Refer to the Government of Bermuda’s recommended immunizations schedule  to make sure that you are.

Health professionals should refer to the guide for reporting and investigating communicable diseases and syndromes in the event of a health epidemic.