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Health Boards, Councils and Committees

The Minister of Health appoints 28 Boards, Councils and Committees to perform mandated and advisory functions for the Ministry.  

There are 24 Health Professional Boards and Councils, 2 Advisory committees, and 2 Quangos.

Health Professional Boards are legal bodies responsible for licensing and regulating professionals, ensuring adherence to established standards and addressing complaints.

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer serves as the Secretariat in support of five (5) Professional Boards, representing 18 professions with the remainder performing their own administration.

These Boards, Councils and Committees are made up of appointed members who perform their functions on a largely voluntary basis. Members are reimbursed according to the Government Authorities (Fees) Act 1971 at the rate of $50 per day on which a meeting is attended ($100 for the Chairperson or equivalent).

Visit the links below for more information on the health boards, councils and committee by topic:

Addiction Counselling Mental Health Review Tribunal
Allied Health Nursing
Chiropody Occupational Therapy
Dentistry Optometry
Diagnostic Imaging Pharmacy
Dietetics Physiotherapy
Disability Psychology
Emergency Medical Technicians Safety and Health
Health Insurance Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology
Medical Lab Technology Quangos

Membership on these boards, councils and committees is listed on the Health Boards and Committees Membership page. Persons interested in serving should review the relevant legislation and may submit an expression of interest online at