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Department of Public Prosecutions

The Department of Public Prosecutions conducts criminal prosecutions in the public interest.

What do they do?

In prosecuting criminal offences in the interest of the Bermudian public, the Department of Public Prosecutions:

  • Advises the police, government departments, and the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
  • Runs the Witness Care Unit

Additionally, the Department of Public Prosecutions performs the following duties at Bermuda’s courts.

Magistrates' Court

  • All summary trials
  • Plea Court
  • Drug Treatment Court
  • Juvenile Court
  • Legal applications

Supreme Court

  • Appeals from the Magistrates' Court
  • Trials by way of indictment
  • Sentencing
  • Legal applications

The Department also takes responsibility for appeals at higher court levels.

Read the Department of Public Prosecutions PATI Information Statement

How can I contact the Department of Public Prosecutions with general inquiries?

Telephone: (441) 296-1277

In person:
Global House, Second Floor  
43 Church Street 
Hamilton HM12 

By email: