Apply for a Marriage Licence

To get married in Bermuda, you must be:

•    16 or over (but written permission from your parents is required if you are under 18)
•    free to marry (single, divorced or widowed)
•    not closely related to your intended spouse

How to apply

These are the steps if you want to get married in Bermuda:

1.    You have to submit a

 to the Registry General, along with any evidence that you are free to marry, and the required fee.

2.    The Registry General will publish the Notice in the official gazette twice

3.    After a 15 day waiting period, the Registry General will issue a Marriage Licence to you and your intended spouse (the licence will be valid for three months from the date of issue)

4.    Before the wedding, you have to give the Marriage Licence to the registered Marriage Officer (e.g. minister, rabbi, or imam) who will perform the ceremony

5.    The marriage ceremony takes place (marriage ceremonies may be either religious ceremonies performed by registered Marriage Officers or civil ceremonies officiated by the Registrar General at the Registry General Office

6.    The Marriage Officer must complete a

 and send it to the Registry General so the details of the marriage can be registered

7.    The Registry General  will issue your Marriage Certificate within ten days of receipt of the


Marriage Licence: $353.00

Marriage Certificate: $40.00

In the case of a refund, $65.00 is refundable for an unissued certificate, and if publications have not been made, $84.00 is refundable for each official gazette publication. 
Special Marriage Licence Application Fee:  $35.00
Special Marriage Licence:  $715.00
Special Marriage Certificate: $40.00
Marriage Ceremony at the Registry General:  $260.00
Non-Bermuda residents may only pay by credit or debit cards.