Child Care Regulation Programme

Child Care Regulation Programme

All Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers must be licenced and registered in order to care for children. To be licenced or registered, the Day Care Centres and Providers must be compliant with the Children Act 1998 and the Day Care Centre Regulations 1999.The Child Care Regulation Programme is the Section within the Department of Health that licences Day Care Centres and Registers Day Care Providers (persons who care for up to three children in their home).

In addition, the Child Care Standards 2018 provide the best practice guidance.

Our goal in the progamme is to ensure not only the health and safety of our children in Bermuda, but also the best possible care and support in their development while in a child care setting.

The officers in our programme have early childhood education backgrounds, have worked in development roles or even in Centres previously. These backgrounds give the programme and our day care facilities the focus on quality and development, not just health and safety when it comes to our children.

Full inspections for the relicencing and re-registration of our child care settings are completed every two years. Regular monitoring visits occur throughout the year, however, to check on compliance with the legislation and Standards.

To ensure compliance the Programme will investigate concerns raised about a Centre or Provider. To raise a concern please contact: or call our intake coordinator on 278-4900.

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