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Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship

The Ministry of Health awards the Dr. Barbara Ball Public Health Scholarship annually to Bermudian students with proven financial need seeking careers or professional development in public health. Students beginning to study public health and/or seeking to upgrade professional qualifications are eligible to apply.

The scholarship is offered in honor of Dr. Barbara Bertha Ball who was the first born-Bermudian woman to practice medicine in Bermuda and a tireless champion for people’s rights. Born in 1924 in Bermuda, she graduated from Liverpool University Medical School in 1949.

She worked briefly in the UK before returning to Bermuda in 1954 to devote her life to the needs of the downtrodden. The Government of Bermuda is honored to provide the scholarship to outstanding students entering the healthcare field.

The Dr. Barbara Ball Scholarship is offered for a range of healthcare fields of study, with a focus on public health. The priorities vary annually but can include:

  • Dental hygiene
  • Dentistry
  • Drug counselling
  • Environmental health
  • Maternal care
  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychology
  • Social work
  • Speech therapy

Application Process

You must submit your application in the first week of February of the academic year to be funded through the Bermuda Scholarships Website. You will be informed of the decisions not later than the 30 June.

The Ministry of Health will invite all shortlisted applicants to interview with the selection committee.

Application Requirements

  • A short letter setting out how you were attracted to your chosen field of study and how the scholarship will help you to achieve your goals. The letter should also identify how receiving this scholarship will allow you to make a contribution to improving public health in Bermuda.
  • A memo setting out the costs for the academic year. This should include the cost of tuition, textbooks, room and board, living expenses and travel;
  • Proof of financial need: a memo setting out how you intend to meet those expenses - please note present financial support which might include savings, scholarships or anticipated financial support. Most importantly, indicate the shortfall between anticipated support and costs in order to justify your request for support;
  • Proof of Bermudian or PRC Status
  • Transcripts (most recent)
  • Academic letter of recommendation
  • Personal letter of recommendation
  • Acceptance letter – if not available at time of application youmust attach a document indicating when the letter will be available. As soon as possible, email the letter to the award provider or at latest bring the letter to the interview.
  • Letter from college stating tuition costs
  • Financial need form
  • Personal/cover letter
  • Resume
  • Completed

You must submit your application through the Bermuda Scholarships website.