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Statement from Ministry of Home Affairs

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

“The Department of Immigration (DOI), in the normal course of its operations, conducts many investigations, one of which was raised as a matter of concern by M.P. Shawn Crockwell in the House of Assembly on July 1st. The Ministry of Home Affairs can confirm that in this instance, over the course of several weeks, the DOI received multiple complaints from an anonymous complainant about a person who was allegedly working illegally, without a work permit.

“As such, the DOI acted in accordance with its normal investigation protocols, one of which is to act on information which is reasonable and where it appears there may be a case to answer.

“The Department takes its investigations very seriously, as it has a responsibility to the people of Bermuda to protect the borders from illegal workers

“It was alleged that this individual was undertaking cleaning duties at various residences. And, since the DOI has, in the past, caught persons on the spot working illegally in Bermuda, Immigration Officers visited four residences the island on different dates and at varying times of the day. M.P. Crockwell’s residence was the fourth residence visited during this investigation.

“The powers to enter and search residences are in accordance with the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956, Section 67. This reference was shared with M.P. Crockwell during his line of questioning of the Officers.  And when Immigration Officers spoke with M.P. Crockwell they also advised him that he was not the subject or focus of the investigation.  

“While we deeply regret any misunderstandings that may have occurred as to the motives behind this investigation, we can confirm that the actions of the officers were in response to the complaint and that there was no Ministerial influence or interference in this matter.”