Search for new Regulatory Authority Commissioners

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The search is on for applicants to fill the role of regulators of key business sectors that are to fall under the purview of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda.

Those seeking to be members of the Board of Commissioners, to whom the RA will report, are expected to have their applications submitted by Friday February 23 to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs.

The Board of Commissioners is currently responsible for regulating the energy sector and electronic communications sector, apart from broadcasting.

The posts have already been advertised as a public request for applications from persons who seek to be considered for the position of Commissioner of the RA.

The principal functions and general powers of the RA include establishing technical industry standards, regulating tariffs by the providers and establishing and enforcing service quality standards in the energy sector, the electronic communications sector and, in due course, in broadcasting.

The RA is involved in monitoring and regulating many aspects of the markets and their covered services, and is a watchdog on market behavior.

According to the Regulatory Act of 2011, section 19(1), the Commissioners are responsible for the actions of the Authority and the general administration of its affairs and business.

Applicants seeking particulars for candidacy will find them on the web page of the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs on the Government portal.