Advertisement for Board of Commissioners Regulatory Authority of Bermuda

Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs


Pursuant to section 21 of the Regulatory Authority Act 2011 (RAA) the Minister of Legal Affairs, as the Chair of the Selection Committee (s.20 of the RAA), seeks applications for the position of Commissioner within the Board of Commissioners to whom the Chief Executive Officer of the Regulatory Authority (RA) will report.
The Board of Commissioners is currently responsible for regulating the energy sector and electronic communications sector (other than broadcasting). The broadcasting industry is expected to be regulated by the RA in due course. The principal functions and general powers of the RA are found in sections 12 and 13 of the RAA and include, but are not limited to:

  • establishing technical standards for the provision of covered services;
  • reviewing and, as appropriate, approving, rejecting or modifying tariffs filed by a sectoral provider governing the provision of covered services;
  • establishing and enforcing quality of service standards applicable to covered services;
  • defining relevant markets, assessing the competitiveness of relevant markets and identifying sectoral providers that have significant market power in such markets;
  • adopting remedies to deter anti-competitive conduct by sectoral providers in any relevant market;
  • modifying or finding to be void agreements involving one or more sectoral providers that unreasonably restrict competition in any relevant market;
  • reviewing and, as appropriate, approving or rejecting proposed concentrations involving a specified sectoral provider; and,
  • prohibiting unfair trade practices by sectoral providers in any relevant market.

This notice serves as a public request for applications from persons who seek to be considered for the position of Commissioner of the RA.

Applicants should demonstrate that they have at least five years’ relevant experience in administration, economics, law, energy and/or telecommunications.

Applicants should not have had previous employment, directorships or shareholdings in any of the telecommunications license holders or in the Bermuda energy industry for the last 2 years.

Applications should be submitted to the Selection Committee, in writing and should include a curriculum vitae, applicant contact details, and at least three references in support of the application outlining key attributes relevant to the position. Applications should be received no later than 23 February 2018.

Applications should be delivered to the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs, TCD Building, 2nd fl, 11 North Street, Hamilton HM 17 for the attention of Permanent Secretary of Transport and Regulatory Affairs.