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Horseshoe Bay beach closed due to increased presence of Portuguese Man of War jellyfish

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Ministry of the Environment, Department of Parks wishes to advise the public that Horseshoe Bay beach was closed at 12:53 pm today. Current onshore  wind conditions have caused an increased presence of Portuguese Man-of-War (PMOW) jellyfish. Lifeguards have hoisted a  purple flag at the tower indicating the presence of a marine life hazard. PMOW signs have been placed along the beach and lifeguards are  advising beach patrons through informal contact. 

We wish to advise the swimming public to take extreme care while in or near the ocean over the next few days. PMOW can be identified by their bluish, gas filled float on top of the water, but  their long tentacles are often not seen under the surface.  PMOW can cause extremely painful strings. Members of the public are advised to stay away from them and to avoid touching them, even if they are on land, as the tentacles can still be very venomous.