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Minister Weeks Congratulates Graduates of Mirrors QLS Camp

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

On Saturday afternoon, the Minister of Social Development and Sports the Hon. Michael Weeks JP MP attended the completion ceremony for the Mirrors Quantum Learning for Students (QLS) camp.

Over the recent school break, 56 young people completed the Mirrors QLS camp and 45 parents completed the QLS parent workshop.   

‘Quantum Learning’ is a teaching method which is based on research about the brain’s natural learning systems.  The camp is purposeful in creating experiences that elicit ‘success moments’.  As students experience these success moments over and over, they develop higher levels of competence which yields greater levels of success. The camp is based on the '8 keys of Excellence' which is a framework for personal effectiveness and for living life successfully.

"Over the past four days, students have learned a lot about themselves," Minister Weeks said to Saturday's attendees. "They have learned valuable communication tools, relationship and problem solving techniques, the value of stepping outside of comfort zones and building relationships with others.  Parents, aren’t these wonderful qualities?  Some of you parents completed a portion of camp yourselves to support you in 'making the connection', for a better understanding of their experience and the opportunity to strengthen relationships with the whole family. 

"We encourage you to practice these skills together, continue integrating the 8 keys of excellence in your home.  Match behavior and values; learn from mistakes; speak honestly and kindly; make the most of every moment; make your dreams happen; take responsibility for actions; be willing to do things differently and live your best life."

Mirrors has partnered with Quantum Learning Network to deliver the SuperCamp and QLS curriculum in Bermuda.  For information regarding future camps please contact Mirrors on 294-9291 or email