Enforcement of Public Health Regulations

Friday, September 10th, 2021

A Government spokesman today confirmed that elements of the Bermuda Police Service, the Police Reserves and the Ministry of Health will be engaged in enhanced enforcement of the current public health regulations this weekend. This follows a ministerial statement today in the House made by the Premier, the Hon. David Burt in which he said:

“Large groups granted an exemption should expect to be visited and be subjected to confirmation of the correct use of SafeKey and any other conditions under which the exemption has been granted. Licensed premises and indoor bars and restaurants can expect the same. The enforcement will be broad, and my expectation is also that it will be fair. This is the only way that we will ease the growing pressure on the various elements of our healthcare system, which are stretched and stressed.”

The spokesman added: “There is a  fixed penalty of $500 for breaches of the public health regulations and officers will issue tickets for such violations. The regulations require mask-wearing indoors and in certain outdoor settings as per mask-wearing guidance. SafeKey has been proven an effective means of hosting safe events but it too must be used properly. Venues are reminded: SafeKey plus ID is a must. One without the other puts patrons and attendees at risk.”

The spokesman continued: “All aspects of the public health regulations are designed to keep the community safe and where these regulations are followed we can continue to adjust and not interrupt our lives. Those establishments and venues that are following the rules have contributed to the return of economic activity and psychological well-being for the Island. The enforcement effort will be focused on ensuring compliance and the public can be assured that events or establishments that are not compliant will be closed as the proven risk to public safety and well-being is too great”