COVID-19 Update - 8 October

Thursday, October 8th, 2020

Today there were 715 test results received by the Ministry of Health, and two were positive for COVID-19. These most recent cases are classified as imported having arrived travelling together on DL 584 from Atlanta on 7 October 2020. Case isolation and contact tracing has begun.

Bermuda now has 184 total confirmed positive cases. Their status is as follows:

  • there are 5 active cases, who are
  • all under public health monitoring, and
  • none are hospitalized or in critical care;
  • a total of 170 have recovered, and
  • the total deceased remains 9.

The average age of all of our confirmed positive cases is 56 and the age range of all of our positive cases is from 9 to 101 years.

The average age of all deceased cases is 74 and the age range is 57 to 91 years.

The source of all local cases is as follows:

  • 73 are Imported
  • 90 are Local transmission, with known contact
  • 21 are Local transmission with an unknown contact, and
  • none are under investigation

Bermuda’s country status is “Sporadic Cases”. The seven-day average of our real time reproduction number is less than 1.