Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service Volunteers Engage Seniors in Community Outreach Effort

Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service

The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS) is proud to announce the success of a community engagement initiative aimed at educating and interacting with senior residents. 

As part of the ongoing Home Fire Safety Visit Programme, a BFRS crew recently visited the Peace Lutheran Church on South Shore Road in Paget to connect with seniors and share vital information about fire safety and their operations.

The crew, led by Seargent Kingsley Mundy, provided an informative session that included detailed explanations about firefighting and station operations. 

They covered topics such as the types of calls BFRS typically responds to, the strategic positioning of fire trucks, and the concept of standby points. 

The session also offered practical advice on home safety, specifically addressing slip and fall accidents and trip hazards.

The seniors were particularly fascinated by the equipment used by firefighters and the large volume of water carried on the fire appliance. 

This interaction not only educated the participants but also underscored the critical role that BFRS plays in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Chief Fire Officer Dana Lovell emphasised the importance of such outreach efforts, stating, "Our dedication to the community extends beyond emergency response. 

“Engaging with our senior residents and providing them with essential safety information is a key part of our mission to protect and serve. We are dedicated to promoting a strong connection with all members of our island."