8 Bermudians Complete Global Fintech Education Programme Eight Bermudians who participated in the Government's 6-week global FinTech

Eight Bermudians who participated in the Government's 6-week global FinTech Education Programme received their certificates of Achievement at a reception held in their honour on August 24th, hosted by the Economic Development Department (EDD).

This ceremony marked the successful culmination of their intensive journey through the EDD's FinTech Education Programme, which consisted of 3 streams of learning: a live online component, lunch and learns, and a self-paced online course.

The live online component was Viable Market's Fintech Apprenticeship Programme, crafted and delivered in real-time by ViableEDU to a sizeable global cohort. The Bermudian group joined the international cohort for this curricular portion, which included live lectures, real-time instruction, live discussions, and multiple assessments.

The Bermudian participants navigated the demanding academic schedule and had the rare opportunity to learn from and network with local thought leaders active in Bermuda's FinTech ecosystem. In engaging discussions, they explored diverse business models, delved into the local market landscape, and learned about the importance of compliance in this emerging field.

The third component of the programme consisted of a series of self-paced online modules offered by the Department of Workforce and Development, which expanded the participant’s professional development toolbox.

The Bermudians completing the programme are:

  • Esaiah Lister
  • Dallas Scott
  • Melody Bean
  • Olivia Washington
  • Owen Millett
  • Tim Augustus
  • Zaire Lodge
  • Trey Simons

Jason Hayward, Minister of Economy & Labour, reflected on the programme, stating, "This Programme exemplifies the rapid growth of Fintech in Bermuda and the Island's reputation as a pioneering jurisdiction in the digital assets industry. We must continue to encourage and support Bermudians entering this dynamic sector. Providing them with the necessary education, training, and employment opportunities will ensure their success in this ever-evolving landscape. To that end, I thank the Economic Development Department and the Department of Workforce Development for their dedication to this initiative, providing participants with immersive training experiences, skill enrichment, and unparalleled access to industry experts."

Diallo Rabain, Minister of Education, explained, "The journey of knowledge and transformation undertaken by these Bermudian graduates exemplifies our Island's commitment to nurturing talent within the rapidly expanding FinTech sector. By developing the programme and pulling from relevant expertise locally and internationally, the EDD has educated these individuals, empowered them with invaluable skills, and helped ensure they are well-prepared to contribute to the continued growth of Bermuda's FinTech ecosystem."

Maryem Biadillah, Acting Director of the Economic Development Department, said, "Congratulations to the participants of the second Fintech Education Programme cohort; I look forward to witnessing your contributions to Bermuda's FinTech future. I am grateful to our many partners who have lent their expertise, guidance, and resources to make this programme possible. Your unwavering support has significantly enriched our participants' learning experience."

Email the Economic Development Department at edd@gov.bm for more information about the programme.