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100 Jobs

16 March, 2018
The Hon. Wayne Caines

Ministerial Statement by the Minister of National Security, The Hon. Wayne M. Caines JP, MP:

Mr. Speaker I wish to update on a collaborative effort between the Ministry of National Security and the Department of Workforce Development to provide jobs for Bermudians.

Mr. Speaker, a fundamental goal since becoming Government is to enact real and meaningful solutions aimed at improving the lives of the people we serve.

Mr. Speaker, this Government envisions a Bermuda where:

  • Decisions are made in Bermuda’s best interests.
  • Economic growth is sustainable and balances our social and environmental needs.
  • There is an economy that works for everyone and lays a foundation for broad-based prosperity.
  • Opportunities for Bermudians in a global environment are maximized.
  • Bermuda’s culture and historical legacy is valued, preserved and sustained; and
  • Crime and other negative influences are successfully addressed.

The Ministry of National Security has worked hard to do its part in helping to carry out this vision Mr. Speaker.

And in our short time as Government, we have introduced creative and innovative initiatives to meet the needs of our people.

In fact, the Ministry of National Security, is extremely proud of the work we’ve done in the last few months, to not only reduce violence in our community, but also to facilitate an environment of healing, empowerment and support. We’ve sought to do this in various ways, such as the creation of MOM Bermuda, the Father’s Support Group, the Community Crisis Response Team, PeaceBuilders and the LIVE. LOVE. LIFE. anti-violence youth talent showcase.

So, you see Mr. Speaker, while it’s only been eight months since becoming Government, I believe we’ve accomplished much.

We’re putting in place real solutions. We’re engaging with the people.

We’re seeing success, and our momentum continues to grow.

And today Mr. Speaker I am pleased to add to our growing roster of positive programmes the 100 Jobs initiative.

As I announced earlier this week, 100 Jobs seeks to connect 100 unemployed Bermudians with 100 employers. The Ministry of National Security is very grateful to be working with the Department of Workforce Development on this project.

Mr. Speaker, 100 Jobs seeks to provide employment opportunities and skills development to those persons looking for a chance to improve their lives.

So on Monday March 26th at the Hamilton Seventh Day Adventist Youth Center from 4.00pm – 7.00pm we will be hosting a job fair to bring together those seeking employment with potential employers.

I urge anyone who is unemployed to plan to attend. I also urge individuals to visit the Department of Workforce Development and ensure they are registered in advance of the job fair.

Last evening (March 15) we hosted a very successful meeting at the Police Recreation Club so that employers could hear our vision for 100 Jobs. We had around 80 employers attend.

But we need more, so we encourage all interested businesses to get in touch with us. Please email to find out more about participating.

Mr. Speaker, we believe that if a person is able to provide for their family and make a positive contribution to society they are less likely to engage in anti-social behavior.

And we see 100 Jobs as an excellent way for business people, corporate entities and small and medium sized businesses to exercise their goodwill by helping to employ their fellow citizens.

After all, Mr. Speaker, Bermuda is best served by the manifested commitment of those who want to help.

Thank you Mr. Speaker.