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Dallas, Texas and Aruba and New York Meetings

Jul 17, 2016 to Jul 22, 2016

Monday, 18 July - Dallas, Texas, Meeting with Officials of American Airlines 

Meetings were held with American Airline executives to discuss current and future flight schedules to the island.  

Tuesday and Wednesday July 19 and 20 - Aruba

Minister attended a series of meetings with hotel developers which included a look at how casinos operate in the region.  

Friday, 22 July - New York City, New York - Meeting with Bermuda Tourism Authority Staff and Hotel Executives  

This was the first official meeting with the New York team to look at programs and incentives to move Bermuda forward as a tourism destination once again.

Meetings were also held with a member of the Board of Directors of the Bermuda Tourism Authority to discuss hotel development among other tourism related matters.  

Air Travel

$ 1,601.05

Ground Transportation

$ 137.85


$ 2,766.61


$ 358.39

Total costs

$ 4,863.90