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Business and Media Events - NY

Sep 23, 2014 to Sep 25, 2014
New York

While in New York, the Premier met with companies interested in establishing financial service businesses in Bermuda.  In addition, the Premier conducted interviews with a number of International Media organizations to discuss Bermuda as an International Financial Centre and to promote our Tourism industry.  The business meetings were facilitated by the Bermuda Business Development Agency and the Tourism briefings by the Bermuda Tourism Authority.  As part of the Tourism-related events, the Premier participated in the launch of Lili Bermuda's new perfume, based on that recovered from the Mary Celestia shipwreck off Bermuda, where over 130 persons attended, including a large representation of media.

The Premier was accompanied by Minister of Education and Economic Development, Dr. the Hon. Grant Gibbons and CEO Bermuda Business Development Agency, Ross Webber for the financial services meetings. The Minister of Tourism Development and Transport, the Hon. Shawn Crockwell and CEO Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bill Hanbury accompanied him for the tourism-related components.  The Premier's Press Officer, Nea Talbot, was on hand to manage the multiple media arrangements.  The Premier was assisted in the performance of his duties by Advisor Sen. Jeff Baron.

The costs for persons accompanying the Premier are covered under their own Department.  As such Senator Baron's accommodation cost are reflected in the charges associated with the Premier.

Air Travel

$ 1,062.85

Ground Transportation

$ 844.86


$ 1,226.79


$ 173.87

Total costs

$ 3,308.37