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Anti Corruption Summit - UK; Foreign office meetings/Official Opening of Hamilton Insurance's UK Office

May 09, 2016 to May 13, 2016
United Kingdom

The Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance travelled on official Government business to attend an Anti Corruption Summit in the United Kingdom; meet with Foreign Office Officials; and to attend an official opening of Hamilton Insurance's UK Office.

The Anti-Corruption Summit bought together global leaders of G20 nations to discuss the challenges countries face challenging corruption problems, and it was important for Bermuda to demonstrate to the international community that Bermuda stands strong in promoting a high standard in tackling corruption and other financial crimes.  Meetings were also held with Foreign Office officials regarding the Airport Re-development Project; and finally, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance attended the official opening of Hamilton Insurance's UK Office.

Air Travel

$ 5,863.85

Ground Transportation

$ 84.75


$ 1,912.00


$ 105.84

Total costs

$ 7,966.44