Senior Abuse reporting and investigation

Senior abuse includes: physical, sexual and psychological abuse, financial exploitation; and physical and psychological neglect when the alleged abuser has a duty to care for the senior (a person over 65years of age).

How to report senior abuse:

  • Call Ageing and Disability Services (ADS) directly to report known or suspected abuse at 292-7802; or
  • Complete the

    and email it to: or send it by mail or deliver it in person to: Ageing and Disability Services, Ministry of Health, Continental Building, 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12

For any questions or concerns regarding reporting senior abuse call ADS at 292-7802

Mandatory reporting

It is mandatory for any person who knows or has reasonable grounds to suspect a senior is being abused, or is at significant risk of abuse, to make a report to Ageing and Disability Services, which is the Senior Abuse Registrar.

The following professionals must report cases of abuse, whether or not the information is confidential or privileged: healthcare professionals, counsellors, social workers, care workers, clergy, police officers, management of a hospital, a home or other facility that provides care to seniors.

Senior Abuse Registrar:

The manager of Ageing and Disability Services is the Senior Abuse Registrar and is responsible for:

  1. Investigating or ensuring investigation into any senior abuse report;
  2. Intervening with case management to protect the safety and well-being of persons referred under the senior abuse process;
  3. Maintenance of the Senior Abuse Register.

A person found guilty of senior abuse under the Senior Abuse Register Act 2008 has their name entered onto the Register. Once on the Register, the person is not allowed to be employed as a care provider or involved in the management or have financial interest in a senior’s care home.

A person’s name can be removed from the Register if:

  1. Their conviction is overturned
  2. They apply after 3 years to have his or her name removed. The Registrar will consider applications based on:
  • The nature and gravity of the crime
  • Whether seniors are at serious risk
  • Any other relevant information