Routes 3 & 10 schedule: Harrington Sound Primary - Hamilton

Effective September 2018

All students receive a student transportation pass from their school in order to ride free on buses and ferries. Please show the bus operator or ferry attendant your pass when boarding a bus or ferry.

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Morning Schedule
8:10am Starts at Hamilton Terminal
  via Route 3 to
  Harrington Sound Road
  Harrington Hundreds Road
8:32am Harrington Sound Primary
  Harrington Hundreds Road
  South Road
  Devils Hole Hill
  Harrington Sound Road
8:35am Devils Hole Bus Stop
  Harrington Sound Road
  via Route 10
8:55am Ends at Hamilton Terminal


Afternoon Schedule
3:40pm Starts at Harrington Sound Primary
  Harrington Sound Road
  via Route 3 to
3:47pm Whitney Institute Middle
  via Route 3
4:05pm Ends at Hamilton Terminal