Public holidays

The following are the dates of public holidays for 2023, 2024 and 2025.  


New Year's Day Monday, 2nd January
Good Friday Friday, 7th April
The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III Monday, 8th May
Bermuda Day Friday, 26th May
National Heroes Day Monday, 19th June
Emancipation Day Thursday, 3rd August
Mary Prince Day Friday, 4th August
Labour Day Monday, 4th September
Remembrance Day Monday, 13th November
Christmas Day Monday, 25th December
Boxing Day Tuesday, 26th December

As New Year’s Day falls on a Sunday, by virtue of the Public Holidays Act 1947 Monday, 2nd January will be kept as a public holiday.
As Remembrance Day falls on a Saturday, by virtue of the Public Holidays Act 1947 Monday, 13th November will be kept as a public holiday.


New Year's Day Monday, 1st January
Good Friday Friday, 29th March
Bermuda Day Friday, 24th May
National Heroes Day Monday, 17th June
Emancipation Day Thursday, 1st August
Mary Prince Day Friday, 2nd August
Labour Day Monday, 2nd September
Remembrance Day Monday, 11th November
Christmas Day Wednesday, 25th December
Boxing Day Thursday, 26th December


New Year's Day Wednesday, 1st January
Good Friday Friday, 18th April
Bermuda Day Friday, 23rd May
National Heroes Day Monday, 16th June
Emancipation Day Thursday, 31st July
Mary Prince Day Friday, 1st August
Labour Day Monday, 1st September
Remembrance Day Tuesday, 11th November
Christmas Day Thursday, 25th December
Boxing Day Friday, 26th December