Make a PATI Request

If a record is not currently available to the public, you can make a request for information by filling out a PATI Request Form, or providing a written request.

What do I need to make a PATI request?

Before you make a PATI request, check with the public authority you think has the record to see if the record you are looking for is already available to the public. If it is, then ask for a copy of the record or where you can find it. If you are not sure whether a particular public authority has the information you want, then check the PATI Information Statements.

If you are making a request, it must be submitted in writing (including by email). You can be asked by the public authority to provide proof that you are a Bermudian or a resident of Bermuda in order to process your request.

Include as many details as you can to help the authority find exactly what you want. Also, make sure that you include all of your contact information when making your request in case the authority needs to be in touch with you.

Is there a fee to make a PATI request?

You might have to pay a fee to receive your requested records.  Review the PATI service fees to find out the cost of your request.

How long will it take to process my PATI request?

After you make a formal request, you will receive a letter of acknowledgement within five days. The letter will also let you know whether or not the public authority has the record you are looking for or whether they need more information from you. You will also see the timelines the public authority needs to fill your request.  

PATI Request Form (587.79 KB)