Nurturing our Nation: Imperfect Parenting Series

The Nurturing our Nation: Imperfect Parenting Series is a collaboration between the Ministry of Social Development and Seniors, the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), and industry professionals to provide resources designed to assist families.

Nurturing our Nation: Imperfect Parenting Series provides valuable resources and connections through:-

  1. Annual Parenting Expo (November)
  2. Panel Discussions
  3. Focus Groups
  4. Monthly Parenting Tips

The purpose of this series is to educate primary caregivers and assist them in providing practical solutions,  such as coping and parenting skills, that enables community development.

What inspired this series?

DCFS conducts quarterly Family Strengths and Needs assessments on all families engaged in intervention services with the department. Annual data gathered from these assessments indicate that two of the highest priority areas of need for most primary caregivers are the need for support in the areas of coping and parenting skills. Being aware of this need within the community the Ministry of Social Development and seniors, and DCFS was keen to find a way to ensure primary caregivers were given the support and tools to help them strengthen themselves as parents/guardians.

Nurturing our Nation: Imperfect Parenting Series panel discussions are held twice a month starting at 12:30pm LIVE on Facebook (@mosds.bda and @bdagovernment), Twitter (@bdagovernment), YouTube (@citvbermuda), and CITV (One Communications Channel 2 and WOW Channel 102).

Panel Discussions:

Watch Panel Discussion 1 – Routines

Watch Panel Discussion 2 - Boundaries 

Watch Panel Discussion 3 - Effects of Bullying and Domestic Violence on Children

Watch Panel Discussion 4 - Co-Parenting and Nurturing Parents

Watch Panel Discussion 5 - Personal Care & Wellness

Watch Panel Discussion 6 - Meal Planning & Nutrition