Judicial and Legal Services Committee

Governor George Fergusson formed the Judicial and Legal Services Committee in November 2013 as a Standing Committee to advise the Governor of Bermuda on their Constitutional responsibilities in relation to the Judiciary.  These Constitutional responsibilities include the power to appoint judges and magistrates and to make decisions concerning complaints about judicial conduct (other than issues relating to judgments which could be considered further in the courts).

Membership of the Judicial and Legal Services Committee:

  • President, Court of Appeal Bermuda:  Sir Christopher Clarke
  • Chief Justice: Narinder Hargun
  • President, Bermuda Bar Association:  Mr George Jones
  • Mr David Jenkins (Former, Chief Justice, Prince Edward Island Court of Appeal)
  • The Hon Mr Justice Adrian Saunders
  • Ms Arlene Brock
  • Mrs Martha Dismont
  • Mr James Jardine