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Environmental impact assessment

The Government of Bermuda requested that an environmental impact assessment (including socio-economic impact assessment) be done for the proposed project. The environmental impact assessment is a study of the project and its potential impacts on the environment and people of Bermuda, used to inform the decision-making process.

The regulator’s approval process took approximately nine weeks and included a 14-day public review period. Construction of the project cannot start until all approvals were in place.
Public participation is an essential component of an environmental impact assessment and occurs throughout the process. It provides stakeholders opportunities to have input into project-related decisions.

The public review period has concluded. Thank you for your feedback.

Potential project impacts

Below is a list of potential effects that were assessed for the project:

  • Employment and procurement opportunities
  • Business development opportunities
  • Fiscal effects
  • Sector economic opportunities (tourism, trade, business)
  • Foreign workforce effects (accommodation/services, spending, culture, conflict)
  • Health effects
  • Increased traffic
  • Visual landscape and light, traffic, noise, and effects of these on people in the Project area
  • Effects on livelihoods, including any use of affected land and marine resources
  • Changes to infrastructure and services
  • Changes to recreational use of nearby land
  • Effects to land and waterfront use and planning
  • Effects to marine and terrestrial resources
  • Air quality, including dust
  • Soil quality
  • Groundwater quality
  • Marine sediment and water quality
  • Public and worker health and safety
  • Changes to heritage / cultural resources and values

This list will be refined based on input received during public consultations.                                                                    

Who can I contact for more information?

Bermuda Environmental Consulting
Annie Glasspool
Telephone: (441) 400-5990 ext.21