Child Development Programme

The Child Development Programme (CDP) works in partnership with families to enhance the development of all children from birth to four years of age. They help families to identify their strength and needs, providing support and information to enhance their child’s growth and development. All services are free.

Autism Awareness

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Early Childhood Assessment Team (ECAT) - 


What services do they offer?

  • Developmental Screening for all children island wide upon turning 2 years of age
  • Parent guidance and coaching to increase positive parent/child interactions and decrease non-compliance to parents’ directions using positive discipline skills and strategies.
  • Parent mentoring to  support you and your child’s relationship, literacy skills, attention, self- confidence  and other  school readiness skills ( The Parent- Child Home Program)
  • Early intervention for children with learning, communication, movement and emotional challenges
  • Speech and Language Programme*
  • Occupational and Physiotherapy *
  • Family Counselling/Parent Support Programme for individuals/family or group intervention to nurture healthier: - parenting experiences, adjustment to parenting, family systems, relationship matters, co-parenting, grief/ loss and postpartum recovery to maximize early child outcomes.
  • Parent Education for the enhancement of the parent child relationship through self-guided learning with group participation with other parents of children aged birth to four years.
  • Parent-Infant Groups that fosters healthy attachment, development and strengthens prevention with the importance of self-care for parents.
  • Toy Library
  • Book Library
  • Playground for Tots