The Bermuda War Pension Commissioners War Veterans New Benefits Schedule with Future Care

The Department administers benefits for War Veterans on behalf of the War Pensions Commissioners. If you are a veteran or a spouse of a deceased veteran you can contact the Department directly to determine eligibility

The following benefits are available to War Veterans:

All prescription drugs

Future Care: 80% up to $2000

War Vets: once FC $2000 is exceeded

Medical Visits to GP

Future Care: $46 per visit

Visits to a specialist

Future Care: $131 per initial visit, $55 for follow up

War Vets: To cover balance of follow up visit up to


Medical & Surgical services overseas

(Not offered in BDA, Commissioner Discretion)

Future Care: by referral 75%

War Vets: to cover balance after FC 75%

Hospitalization in KEMH Tests in KEMH

Future Care: Covered

War Vets: Covered

All specialists in vision services in KEMH

War Vets: Covered

Long Term Care (Extended Care Unit)

War Vets: Covered up to $7000

Palliative/Respite Care

War Vets: Covered up to $7000

Funeral expenses

War Vets: $5000 maximum

Dental Benefit Dentures

Future Care: Basic care

War Vets: $1000 per annum



New Enhanced benefits Psychotherapy sessions Clinical psychologists Psychiatrist



Future Care

$46/visit up to 24 visits

$78/visit up to 12 visits

$131 initial visit

$41/visit up to 6 visits Exam/Eyewear up to $200

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