Update on Restricted and Closed Job Categories

25 July, 2022

The Ministry of Economy and Labour advises the public of changes to the closed and restricted job categories, effective from August 1st, 2022, for five months. 

The Ministry of Labour will extend the moratorium on new work permits issued for the following Closed job categories for five months, ending December 31st, 2022. Please note that Barbers have moved from the Closed list into the Open category. It must be noted that before the Pandemic, Barbers were in the Open Category. This adjustment, which returns them to their original classification, was made due to ongoing staff turnover and the inability of local-owned barbershops to fill vacancies in this occupational category. The new list of Closed job categories is as follows: 

1.       Administrative Assistant 

2.       Airline Ground Agent

3.       Bank Teller

4.       Carpet Installer

5.       Cashier

6.       Childcare Assistant 

7.       Courier

8.       Customer Care/ Service Rep 

9.       Debt Collector

10.   Deckhand

11.   Dispatcher Road Transport

12.   Entertainer/ Musician 

13.   Executive Secretary/Assistant 

14.   Fisherman

15.   General Labourer

16.   Golf Instructors

17.   Grocery Packer

18.   Handyman

19.   HR Officer/ Manager

20.   Interns

21.   Laundry Attendant

22.   Legal Clerk

23.   Librarian 

24.   Office Receptionist

25.   Painter

26.   Para-Professional 

27.   Photographer

28.   Pool/Beach Attendant

29.   Public Relations Officer

30.   Real Estate Agent 

31.   Retail Floor Supervisor

32.   Room Attendant 

33.   Salesperson

34.   Seasonal Work Permits

35.   Security Guard

36.   Senior Clerk 

37.   Taxi Driver

38.   Teaching Aide 

39.   Technician salesperson

40.   Telephone Switchboard Operator

41.   Tourist Retail Salesperson

42.   Travel Agent/ Consultant 

43.   Wallpaper Technician

44.   Warehouse Clerk

The current list of restricted job categories included under the Work Permit Policy has been revised to include General Bartender. It must be noted that before the Pandemic, General Bartenders were on the Restricted List. This change, which returns them to their original category, was due to high staff turnover leading to shortages in this occupational category from the hospitality sector. The complete list is as follows: 

1.       Dish/ Pot Washer

2.       Electrician


3.       General Bartender 

4.       General Carpenter

5.       General Mason 

6.       Kitchen Assistant

7.       Kitchen Porter

8.       Landscape Gardener (Entry Level)

9.       Plumber 

10.   Residential/ Commercial Cleaner

11.   Tennis instructor 

12.   Waiter/ Server


According to the Work Permit Policy, Section 3.7, the application process for jobs in the Restricted category is the same as that for the Open category, except the employer must:  

a.       Apply for a maximum term of one (1) year; and

  1. Submit evidence that any candidates screened and recommended by the Department of Workforce Development (“DWD”) have been appropriately considered. DWD is expected to respond to enquiries by employers within ten (10) working days. Should no response be forthcoming from DWD, the employer may submit the application with written evidence that they made enquiries.


The partner of a Bermudian, Permanent Resident Certificate holder, Non-Bermudian on a work permit, or other legal resident of Bermuda who has already received permission to reside may now apply to seek employment. Partners who do not have permission to reside may apply to reside and seek employment. Further details on Partner-Genuine and Subsisting Relationships are available online at gov.bm.  

The Ministry of Economy and Labour appreciates the current challenges within our labour market and the significant impact the pandemic has had on many local businesses. Our aim is always to ensure the effective use of policies that create jobs for Bermudians.

Individuals looking to increase their skillsets and employability are always encouraged to register with the Department of Workforce Development at dwd@gov.bm and explore more options for further education through the Bermuda College at www.college.bm