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Update on Meeting with Elliott School PTA

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The Department of Education is aware of the recently published article about Elliot Primary School and reminds parents that maintaining a collaborative partnership between parents and school leaders and staff is vital and essential for school improvement and student success.

Given the importance of the parent-school partnership, it is imperative for parents to take their concerns directly to school leaders and staff and to work collaboratively with them to resolve any issues. When parents deliberately and anonymously take their concerns to the media instead of using the established channels for having their concerns addressed, such actions are counterproductive.

Taking the time to come around the table to share issues face to face with school leaders and staff, and to work together to generate and agree on best-practice, viable solutions is what improves schools and helps them to become better places for our children. This is the type of relationship and partnership that we expect between parents and schools as we work to transform the way that we do business in the Bermuda Public School System. 

The Department of Education representatives attended the Elliot school PTA last evening (June 13) and we are pleased to report that the Elliot Leadership Team, Department of Education staff and PTA Executive are scheduled to meet next week to develop a plan to consider the issues brought forward by parents.