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Transport Green Paper, a Throne Speech Initiative

Friday, March 2, 2018
The Hon. Walter Roban

Ministerial Statement by the Deputy Premier and Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs the Hon. Walter H. Roban JP MP

Mr. Speaker, the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs would like to share with this Honourable House the status of the Transport Green Paper, a Throne Speech initiative on the future of transportation in Bermuda. A Green Paper is an official document sponsored by Cabinet to invite public comment and discussion on issues prior to policy formulation and is the first stage of developing new laws or updating existing legislation.

Mr. Speaker, the vision created for the 2018 Transport Green Paper is to invite public comment and discussion on the future of transportation in Bermuda, with a view to identifying and modernizing transportation efficiencies and developing policies that are realistic, fiscally prudent, and which enhance transportation safety and experiences for all.
A project of this magnitude has not been undertaken since 1999 when the Ministry of Transport embarked on a comprehensive transportation planning initiative with a Transportation Planning Team formed for the purpose. The end result was ‘The National Transportation Management Report’ dated January 2, 2002.

Mr. Speaker, the Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs created a five-phase action plan to invite the community to contribute their thoughts, knowledge and recommendations on important transportation issues but not just for able-bodied persons. Let us not forget our seniors and persons with differently-abled needs. The process has so far included the consultation with more than 50 on-island and overseas stakeholders documenting their present concerns and identifying what they envision for the future.

Mr Speaker, some initial findings indicate something of a general consensus around issues such as: having funding to upgrade our aging transportation fleets and invest in new transport technologies such as digital tickets; increasing enforcement of existing legislation as it relates to road traffic management; providing inputs that allow for trip planning ‘Apps’; and, focusing on safe spaces for walking and cycling.

Mr. Speaker, a social media campaign and two (2) surveys will be launched shortly, one for school students, who are our future leaders of Bermuda and one for all members of the general public. After tabulating the survey results on or around April 23rd, the Ministry will conduct a World Café, similar to a stakeholder roundtable, to discuss the findings of the surveys. The plan is to identify realistic and fiscally prudent recommendations that will be presented to Cabinet. The publication of the Transport Green Paper is to include forward thinking solutions and will be published in early June.

Mr. Speaker, there will be several options for the public to participate in the surveys on-line, at public libraries and Post Offices or submit a written submission by e-mail to or by post to: the Transport Green Paper Throne Speech Initiative, Ministry of Transport & Regulatory Affairs, TCD Building, Second Floor.

Mr. Speaker, the surveys will include a broad range of categories and include topical matters addressing safety on our roads, modernizing Bermuda’s aging public bus and ferry fleet, the enforcement of existing legislation pertaining to taxis, minibuses, speeding, dangerous and drunk driving, bad parking and oversized vehicles.

Also, the Ministry of Transport will address strategies regarding electric and hybrid vehicles, minicar and motor cycle rentals, active transport, entrepreneurial opportunities, cruise ships, airport and port development.

In closing Mr. Speaker, we encourage everyone to be involved and have their voice heard. Transportation is for all of us and the Ministry is open to all innovative ideas.

Thank You, Mr. Speaker.