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Swearing in remarks

Friday, February 24, 2017

Good afternoon,

I first want to thank the Premier for giving me this opportunity to serve in Cabinet.

Throughout my time as a Member of Parliament in Government, the Premier has provided encouragement, support and wise counsel, and it has been appreciated not just by me, but my family and colleagues.

I also want to use this occasion to express my appreciation for the support extended to me by all of my colleagues.

This is a big step for me and I understand the responsibility and expectations to perform for the welfare of others.

I say this because I have watched my colleagues working hard to live up to the meaning and demands of public service. It is not an easy business. The path to good results is never straight, but time and again I have watched them persevere to achieve them.

I will also add that I am a part of a generation who are solution-driven and love to see results. In recent years, we have seen young people thrive in the workplace; we have seen younger presidents step forward for community clubs, younger persons move up the corporate ladder and, in a challenging economic climate, we have seen young entrepreneurs thrive and setup successful businesses.

In terms of service, I bring to the table my life’s experiences and understanding as a young black Bermudian and a former athlete who wants a future with no ceilings, as a mother who wants a safe Bermuda that allows our children to flourish and as the elected member for St. George’s who wants the Old Town to continue to thrive and grow.

I intend to apply all that I am to the job.

As the new Minister for Social Development and Sports, I could not be more humbled by the appointment. Since my appointment as Junior Minister, I have had a close up view of the challenges and opportunities before the Ministry. I stand ready to engage all of Bermuda but particularly our younger generation. Without us there is no future.

I intend to keep my mission simple, and that is to exercise the mandate of the Ministry to help people wherever we can, as directly as we can, using the resources at our disposal.

Finally, thank you again, Premier, for having the confidence in me; thank you for giving this young Bermudian a seat at the table.

This is an awesome responsibility and I will do my utmost to serve the people and to justify your faith in me.

Thank You.