Statement From Minister Caines Regarding Reggae Singer Kemar ‘Vershon’ Brown

8 August, 2019

Please note the below statement from the Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Caines, JP, MP, regarding Kemar Vershawn Brown, also known as the reggae artist Vershon.  

Minister Caines said, “We are supportive of any endeavor that brings  tourists, musical artists and generates a cultural experience for  Bermuda residents and our visitors.    

In the matter of Kemar Vershawn Brown, also known as the reggae artist Vershon, the concert promoters were informed weeks in advance that a work permit was required  in order for Mr. Brown to perform in Bermuda.

On August 2, 2019, the Department of Immigration was made aware of three Jamaican Nationals also claiming to be in Bermuda to perform at the same concert.

Upon processing, it was determined that they did not possess valid work permits. This was explained to the gentlemen who were allowed entry to Bermuda as visitors. Mr. Brown was not among the men.

To be absolutely clear:

  • We have no record of Mr. Brown in our system;
  • We have no record of an application seeking permission for him to perform in Bermuda; 
  • No Jamaican nationals were refused entry into Bermuda on August 2; and
  • Mr. Brown’s name is not on any flight e-manifests for August 2. 

Mr. Kemar Vershawn Brown was never refused entry into Bermuda because he never travelled to Bermuda.

It is unfortunate that the events have been misconstrued and the concert promoters and or management team refused to inform the entertainers and accept responsibility for their error.

Furthermore, I am disappointed that they have allowed both international and local media to misplace blame on Bermuda and the hard working people at the Department of Immigration.