Public Works Announces Demolition of Paynter's Road Lookout Tower

“The decision to demolish the tower has not been taken lightly,” stated Minister of Public Works Lt. Col. the Hon. David Burch, OBE (Mil), ED, JP, MP, on the decision to demolish the Lookout Tower near Paynter’s Road, Hamilton Parish.

The tower is a historical landmark located within the woodland reserve and originally erected by the US Navy during World War II to serve as a lookout point for potential attacks on the Island.

The structure has been leased to Tucker's Point Hotel for a number of years and has recently undergone structural assessments revealing the tower's condition has reached a critical state, rendering it unsafe for restoration or public access.

Minister Burch added: “Following consultations with the Department of Planning and the Historic Buildings Advisory Committee (HBAC) – demolition is the only practical option.”

The HBAC's recommendation for a photographic survey and the comprehensive documentation of the tower before its demolition aligns with the Government's commitment to preserving historical records for future generations.

The Tucker's Point Hotel has expressed its intent to surrender its lease for the area, thereby returning the land surrounding the Lookout Tower to Government management. 

In assuming this responsibility there is an expectation that public use of the Nature Reserve around Paynter's Hill will likely increase and it would not be safe to do so with the tower in its current state.