Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service Conclude Consultation with Land Valuation Department

Members of the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service (MCRS) will conclude their consultation with the Ministry of Public Works’ Land Valuation Department tomorrow, 16 October.

MCRS members have been in Bermuda since 8 October to conduct research on, and observe the following processes:

  • Bermuda’s property valuation system and operations for land taxation purposes
  • Billing/collection of land tax
  • The Land Valuation Department’s IT databases

The consultation visit also included 2 days of on-site property inspections with the Department’s Valuation Survey Technicians.

The MCRS visit comes following a presentation given by the Land Valuation Department at a 2016 Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC) Property Taxation Conference.

The MCRS reached out to the Land Valuation Department and the Ministry of Finance earlier this year seeking assistance with their land valuation and taxation structure saying, “The Bermuda system was considered for review given the features of the system outlined during a CARTAC sponsored conference some years ago.”