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Mirrors Programme urgently seeking volunteers

Monday, August 1, 2016

The Mirrors Programme is urgently seeking volunteers from across the community to assist with the 12th cohort of its Community Programme, which is scheduled to begin in September.

Aimed at at-risk males and females between the ages of 15 and 19, the Community Programme to date has assisted over 1350 young people in working through hurdles in their lives which have prevented them from being the best versions of themselves.

Programme Coordinator Kimberley Jackson, who has run the Mirrors’ Programme for the last ten years stressed the importance of community involvement: “The only way which  the programme can be efficiently sustained is through volunteers in the community. We have over 140 volunteer positions available and have only 20 filled at this time.

“There are three different volunteer teams: enrolment, on site, or committed partner, which are nine-week, nine-day and nine-month commitments. Intensive training for all three volunteer positions is mandatory. There are no exceptions.”

Ms Jackson described the programme’s biggest barrier for entry for volunteers: “For every five people we speak to regarding the possibility of volunteering with Mirrors, four tell us that they do not have enough time. I think they have a misconception of what is required; the time given pales in comparison to the positive results a young person can garner. The youth are our tomorrow. I would like to think that we would want to do all we can to ensure that they are nurtured into healthy adults who are desirous of being productive citizens.

"I am inviting anyone in the community who wishes to attend a volunteer orientation session to call us at 294-9291. They are held each Wednesday in the Mirrors’ boardroom, located on the first floor of Global House on Church Street. If you have a group of people who are considering volunteering with our programme, we can also come to you to give a presentation. We are keen to reach our goal and will do whatever it takes to attain it—all for the benefit of the youth of Bermuda.”

The Minister of Social Development and Sports the Hon. Sylvan Richards JP MP said, "I would like to echo Mirrors' urgent call for volunteers. The Mirrors Community Programme has been vital in providing support to those young people in our community who need it most; to help them find purpose and set achievable goals which make them feel good about themselves and what they have to offer our community. Please, if you have the desire to give back to our community and help our young people succeed, please volunteer for this programme."