Ministry of Education Announces 2019 Scholarship and Award Opportunities

5 February, 2019

Today, the Minister of Education, the Hon. Diallo V. Rabain, JP, MP announced categories and criteria for the 2019 Ministry of Education scholarships and awards. 

Minister Rabain shared, “We expanded our scholarship and award offerings to give more Bermudians at various ages and life stages the chance to pursue their dreams of post-secondary education and training.  Last year, the Committee received 301 applications - an increase of 100% from the previous year - and awarded a total of 50 awards and scholarships. 31 Further Education Awards were given at $10,000; four Teacher Education Scholarships; and three Bermuda Government Scholarships at up to $35,000 each.  In the five new categories offered last year, 12 awards were presented:

Minister’s Achievement Scholarships (2)

Minister’s Applied Tech Scholarship (3)

Minister’s Exceptional Student Awards (3)

Minister Technical and Vocational Awards (2)

Non-Traditional Student Awards (2)

Minister’s Bermuda College Book Awards (6)

The Minister added, “The Ministry of Education has been intent on introducing new scholarships and making them more accessible to students. We have continued to expand opportunities for post-secondary education and training to help support Bermudians of all ages and various backgrounds and career interests. Through these investments, we are demonstrating that we value promise, growth and achievement.

“The Ministry will continue to provide scholarships and awards for public school students, students with disabilities, those studying technical education, mature students as well as top scholars from public schools, private schools and Bermuda College. I encourage parents, students, and other interested persons to review all of our scholarship opportunities and the many other scholarships available on “

The following are the award and scholarship opportunities: 

  • The Non-Traditional Student Award has replaced the Mature Student Award to help persons aged 25 and older who need a first or second chance to attend college or university. Previously, applicants had to be 35 years of age and possess sophomore standing. Applications for study at accredited institutions for online education will now be accepted.
  • There are now Minister’s Bermuda College Book Awards to assist students in financial need to purchase books for successful study.
  • Minister’s Exceptional Student Award for graduating students, school leavers or persons with disabilities up to the age of 25.  Applicants must demonstrate financial need.  This award is valued at $5,000 for local post-secondary study and $25,000 for overseas post-secondary study.
  • Further Education Awards for students with at least one year of college or university credits, pursuing overseas post-secondary study.  Applicants must demonstrate financial need. This award is valued at up to $10,000.
  • Minister’s Achievement Scholarship for graduating public school students.  This scholarship is valued at $25,000 for overseas post-secondary study.
  • Bermuda Government Scholarships for graduating senior school students or college or university students for post-secondary education. This scholarship is valued up to $35,000 towards the cost of tuition and basic accommodation.
  • Minister’s Applied Tech Scholarship for graduating public school dual-enrolment students in Bermuda College’s Applied Technical Programme valued at $5,000 each. These scholarships will fund the cost of students to complete an Associate’s Degree at the Bermuda College once they have graduated from senior school. 
  • Teacher Education Scholarship for promising Bachelor of Education students studying subjects where there are shortages of local candidates, such as social studies, geography, English language arts, mathematics, modern foreign languages and special education. Recipients are required to return to Bermuda and teach within the Bermuda Public School System. Applications will be accepted from persons with and without financial need.  This award is valued at $20,000.
  • Minister’s Technical and Vocational Award for graduating public school students or recent public school alumni attending Bermuda College with a strong interest in technical and vocational studies.  Students must demonstrate financial need.  This award is valued at $5,000 for local post-secondary study and $25,000 for overseas post-secondary study.

More detailed information on scholarships and awards, including eligibility and application requirements are available at Questions can be emailed to: