Minister of Education Provides Update on Education Reform and School Registration for September 2021

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

The Minister of Education, the Hon. Diallo Rabain, JP MP has today provided an update on the plans for Education Reform, Virtual School Open Houses and school registration.  

Minister Rabain stated, "The Government is undertaking Education Reform, however, there will be no closure of any schools for September 2021 and preschool, primary, middle and senior school registration is scheduled for later this month and in early February. 

"To support the annual school registration, Bermuda Public schools will hold virtual open houses to share information about educational programmes and offerings across all school levels. The purpose of the open houses is to allow parents and students to ask questions about our schools.  Questions can also be submitted in advance on a feedback form posted on the Department's social media channels.

"In anticipation of questions around Education Reform, I am communicating to you directly on the following important and topical issues:

The Introduction of a Foundation Year

I recognise that many parents and guardians registering their children for Primary 1 may have questions about a foundation year. The Ministry of Education is committed to introducing a foundation year as part of Education Reform; however, it will not start in September 2021. We are excited about this approaching change which will take place as a part of Education Reform and the positive impact it will have for students.

Parish Primary School Proposals

The consultation for the introduction of parish primary schools may have caused concerns among some parents and guardians who will be registering children for primary school.  I want to remind everyone that the parish primary school proposals are subject to a consultation process that is taking place.

It is important that parents know that no decisions have been made and there will be no closure of any primary schools for September 2021.  Following the outcome of the consultation, further studies will have to be undertaken, funding will have to be mobilised, and logistics will have to be determined, with the input of stakeholders. 

Phasing out Middle Schools

Since 2012 the Progressive Labour Party, now the Government has stated that middle schools will be phased out with Education Reform. However, all middle schools will be open in September 2021. We will keep you updated as we progress with Education Reform and the eventual phasing out of middle schools and converting from a 3-tier to a 2-tier system.

Many changes will occur in the years to come. As we undertake those changes, we will keep the lines of communication open; we will continue to engage stakeholders; and we will always give careful consideration to how we move forward, keeping students and staff at the forefront of any decisions."