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Minister comments as bus service resumes

Friday, January 6, 2017

“I am very pleased to see the Bermuda Industrial Union members have decided to return to work,” said Sen. the Hon. Michael Fahy JP, Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities, on hearing of the union’s decision, taken earlier today. “Although this work stoppage primarily involved the bus operators, it does immeasurable damage to the Bermuda community as a whole when people are unable to conduct business and children are unable to attend school. I am grateful for other employees who carried on working, such as the ferry operators – thank you. “It is extremely disappointing that the withdrawal of labour occurred even in the absence of a labour issue. This really defies common sense.It means that union members and their households suffer a loss in pay over a matter unrelated to their own situation.”  The Minister added, “There appears to be an agenda here, on the part of a minority in the BIU, to stop Bermuda’s economic recovery.“It is troubling that the BIU president stated at today’s press conference that the “threat to The America’s Cup” is still on the table.“This, in effect, seems designed to hold Bermuda hostage. It cannot be the way forward for the island. “Many Bermudians and guest workers have been hard at work and dedicated in their efforts to revive our economy. We still have a long way to go to broaden the benefits of recovery across all Bermudian families.“But the actions of the BIU these past few days has been a hindrance to those efforts. And it does a disservice to the very people unions are here to help.” The Department of Public Transportation announced this afternoon the resumption of full bus services for tomorrow and a special schedule for this evening.