MAGIC Training

08 March, 2023

Mr. Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the 31 participants who passed the Multi-Agency Gold Incident Command Course, known as MAGIC for short.

Mr. Speaker, the training took four days over the week of the 20th February 2023 and was presented by the UK’s National Fire Chief’s Counsel and staff from the College of Policing, funded and facilitated by Government House and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Mr. Speaker, the training was aimed at all departments and agencies that sit on the Emergency Measures Organisation (EMO) Executive or work with the EMO Executive. This included the Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, Royal Bermuda Regiment, Bermuda Hospital, Bermuda Airport Authority, Department of Corrections, Department of the Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Security and Government House.

Mr. Speaker, these agencies and others would be included as responders to any major incident should it occur. This could be on land or on water. The incident could involve mass casualties or significant environmental damage such as a vessel grounding on our reefs and spilling oil or other chemicals into our waters.

Mr. Speaker, the training ensured that the participants have the confidence, understanding and ability to perform the role of gold commander. This included planning, implementing and reviewing a multi-agency strategy to ensure the timely resolution of a  major incident or civil emergency.

Mr. Speaker, the training challenged and tested the participants to further develop their performance by providing an opportunity for them to be able to:

  • define the roles and responsibilities of different agencies during a major incident or civil emergency
  • take strategic 'gold' command of a major incident or civil emergency
  • plan, implement and review civil contingency plans and multi- agency communication strategies
  • understand the legal framework of a civil emergency

Mr. Speaker, this training has strengthened our multi-agency incident command and control systems and ability to respond to an incident.

Mr. Speaker, in addition to the 31 participants who completed the training and are now certified Gold Commanders, a half day training was provided to other individuals and agencies that work with the EMO. This half day course provided them with a condensed module to develop their understanding of the role of Gold Commander in the event of a significant incident or civil emergency.

Mr. Speaker, this training is yet another project that is part of our commitment at the Ministry of National Security to meet our mission of “Working together to keep you safe”.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.