Local Tech Innovation and Creativity is Celebrated at this Year’s TechAwards Reception


Recently, Bermuda's annual TechAwards competition hosted by the Economic Development Department showcased Bermuda's remarkable pool of high-quality tech talent.

Minister of Economy & Labour, the Hon. Jason Hayward, JP, MP, extended his congratulations to all the nominees and winners who, over the past year, had demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence and a belief in technology's boundless potential.

Since 2007, the TechAwards competition has become a beacon of innovation. This year's event, like every year, brought together a diverse range of remarkable projects and initiatives that have the power to shape the Island's future.

Nominations for the TechAwards were launched in the summer, and qualifying nominees presented their solutions to a judging panel that included Selica Blackwood, Kevin Richards, Sean Stapely, Shaun Richards, Laura Lyons, Nick Mueller, Lorenzo Burch, Jerome Wilson, Jamillah Lodge, Nevine Lewis, Michael Simmons, and Sean Reel. Their expertise and dedication ensured a fair and rigorous evaluation process, contributing to the credibility and integrity of the TechAwards.

The winners of the 2023 TechAwards in each category are:

Local Innovation of the Year:

1st Prize Winner: Paradise Mobile's telecommunications and mobile service product.

Paradise Mobile

2nd Prize Winner: Mosaic Insurance's AI-Based Web Portal for Complex Specialty Insurance.

Mosaic Insurance

Mobile Application of the Year:

1st Prize Winner: The Department of Health for the Healthy People Bda App

Department of Health_AH

2nd Prize Winner: Bermuda Island Games for the Hidden Gems of Bermuda 2 Video Game

Bda Island Games


Most Innovative Youth Project or Youth Programme:

1st Prize Winner: Kids Digital Wellness' DigiRoo


2nd Prize Winner: Bermuda Island Games for its Video Game Development Programme

Bda Island Games


Lastly, the Most Innovative Trailblazer Award is a specific category presented by the Bermuda Business Development Agency (the BDA). Among the specially nominated innovators, it selects a Bermuda-based company that uses new technologies to conduct international business, actively participates in the Bermuda marketplace and uses the Island as a test bed for further development. This year's winner of the Most Innovative Trailblazer Award was Connectech.

Trailblaser Award

The Minister of Economy and Labour, Jason Hayward, congratulated all the winners, stating, "Your achievements reflect an unwavering dedication, creativity, and forward-thinking mindset and set a remarkable example for others to follow and have undoubtedly impacted our Island's technological landscape significantly." The Minister also thanked the dedicated EDD team who makes this celebration possible every year.

Said Ray Jones, Director of the EDD, as he addressed the TechAwards winners, "The judges did not have an easy task of selecting the winners among you – that's a testament to your excellence, skill, and ingenuity." He continued, "I urge you to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The world needs your problem-solving, innovative spirit, and determination."

Mr Jones also thanked the event's sponsors, Ingine, Burrows Lightbourn, Bermuda Waterworks, and Charge Locker, for their invaluable support in making TechAwards a resounding success. He also thanked the EDD's partners for the event, EETTAFEL, Four Ways Inn, KIM'S list, the Corporation of Hamilton, and the BEDC for their collaboration and support.

About the Economic Development Department (EDD):

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