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Joint Select Committee on Women’s Issues & Unemployment

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Women’s Issues and Unemployment will conduct a Public Meeting on Wednesday 28 September, 2016, beginning at 5:00pm at the Dr. Gordon Memorial Hall, located in the Bermuda Industrial Union Building.

This Joint Select Committee has been meeting and deliberating on matters relating to the various social and economic factors facing women in the work place and the impact that unemployment is having on women and their families.

The Presenters for the upcoming meeting will be Ms. Laurie Shiell from the Centre Against Abuse and Mrs. Elaine Butterfield from the Center of Philanthropy.

The Chair person for the Joint Select Committee, Ms. Kim Wilson JP, MP stated that, “women throughout Bermuda have expressed concerns relating to factors facing them in the workplace such as sexual harassment, wage disparity and the glass ceiling, the absence of a living wage and ageism, to name but a few. 

The input and contributions of women who share these concerns will prove invaluable for the committee on reporting its findings and making recommendations to Parliament for both consideration and implementation.  

With that said, we need as much participation from women as possible, in order to assist the Committee in meeting its mandate.”

Members of the public (women) are invited to attend and make submissions to the Joint Select Committee on matters affecting them in the workplace, as well as the impact unemployment is having on them and their families.