Illegal Dumpers to Face Prosecution

The Ministry of Public Works’ Department of Parks wishes to advise the public that persons found to be illegally dumping will face prosecution under the Waste and Litter Control Act 1987 and its amendments. 

Recently, the Ministry discovered that despite repeated requests, members of the public continue to illegally dump waste at parks, beaches, and especially public docks and bus stops. As such, it is apparent that despite the many pleas to responsibly dispose of their waste, there are some in the community who refuse to do so.

The illegal dumping of waste at these sites is a threat to public health as the garbage attracts vermin and creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is also a huge expense to the government and reduces the time available for household curb side collection.

Boaters are also encouraged to take their waste home with them and responsibly dispose of it with their household garbage

Anyone with information to identify offenders committing the aforementioned acts are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Section at 278-0560 or email