Hurricane Paulette Update: Bermuda Weather Service Update

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Bermuda Weather Service Director, Dr. Mark Guishard stated the Hurricane Warning will be maintained:

Hurricane Paulette remains an 85 knot Category 2 storm and continues to intensify as it moves out of our area.

A significant band of precipitation remains south of the island, due to move north slowly and maintain occasional hurricane force winds with higher gusts through the early afternoon.

The timings of the abatement of hurricane conditions are less certain at the moment, as the storm wind field changes and strengthens.

Paulette is undergoing intensification and getting bigger. It is a strong Cat 2, not far off a Cat 3.

Best guess at present after BWS just had a conference call with NHC to confirm data:

Hurricane force winds are in effect through 64 kts at 3pm

The winds will not dip below 50 kts until 4pm

N.B. Bermuda lies in the centre of the range rings.