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First of four new buses arrives

Monday, January 15, 2018

The Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs said today that the first of four new buses has landed at Hamilton docks, with a further three expected within the next four months.

This is only the first step in new strategies that the Government feels will increase vehicle availability and enhance public transportation.

Deputy Premier and Minister of Transport and Regulatory Affairs the Hon. Walter H. Roban JP MP said, “Our Throne Speech agenda for a better and fairer Bermuda means we have to be able to get those who depend on public transportation to work on time. We must also ensure our children get to their classrooms and back home without incident.

“The Government believes in a transportation policy that promotes safety and reliability for all Bermuda citizens.

“And a key part of that is ensuring safe and reliable public transportation. In the weeks and months ahead, we anticipate a substantial improvement in the status quo.

“The new buses, including the one that is on Hamilton docks today, are being built to a new standard of specification which we believe will be more suited to the operating conditions in Bermuda.”

In addition to the four new buses, Government has initiated action to overhaul a number of the buses already on the island to breathe new life into them, as part of an overall plan to address the ageing bus fleet.

The Minister said, “Considering the situation we inherited, we cannot completely fix the fleet’s shortcomings overnight.

“But the arrival of new buses, and those scheduled for significant repair, will improve our in-service numbers and provide our mechanics with a little more breathing room to keep more of the fleet operational.”