Cup Match Weekend Update

Friday, August 10, 2018

Ministerial Statement by the Minister of National Security, The Honourable Wayne Caines, JP, MP

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to provide a policing update for Cup Match 2018.

Mr. Speaker, this Honourable House and the public will be aware that I have been working closely with the leadership in the Bermuda Police Service to keep Bermuda safe.

Mr. Speaker, over the past week I have met on three occasions with the new Commissioner of Police, Mr. Stephen Corbishley and am encouraged by our discussions, deliberations and strategizing.

Mr. Speaker, I must remind the House that operational policing remains the purview of the Governor.

Mr. Speaker, over the Cup Match weekend there were a total of 48 arrests. 11 were for Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; 1 for driving when alcohol concentration is over the prescribed limit and failing to comply with a demand for a breath test; 1 for having care of control of a motor vehicle whilst impaired; 1 for affray; 3 for assault occasioning bodily harm; 1 for breach of bail conditions; 1 for Conduct conducive to breach of peace; 1 for drunk and incapable; 1 for having custody of counterfeit currency notes; 1 for possession of a controlled drug; 1 for taking conveyance without consent; 1 for theft less than $1000; 2 for theft of a vehicle; 1 for offensive or threatening or abusive or insulting words, gestures or behavior & violently resisting arrest; 4 for breach of the peace and 17 for warrants. 41 of the persons arrested were males and 7 were females.

Mr. Speaker, over the Cup Match Weekend, the Bermuda Police Service used overnight watches with up to 50 police officers above standard levels to deal with any increases in illegal or antisocial activities. In total, there were approximately 150 police officers deployed throughout the weekend. The men and women of the BPS were bolstered by the Reserve Police and Royal Bermuda Regiment.

Mr. Speaker, there were up to 50 officers per day at the Cup Match grounds, with a command centre on site at the field. This year, for the first time, CCTV cameras covered the grounds at SCC, with the cameras monitored by BPS and the club’s private security personnel.

Mr. Speaker, the country can rest assured that the Government will continue to work with the Bermuda Police Service to keep Bermuda safe by reducing crime and antisocial behavior.

Mr. Speaker, whilst I congratulate the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) on a well-executed Cup Match Policing strategy; the general public should also be saluted for adhering to the law and for supporting the BPS.

Mr. Speaker, there was an incident at “Paradise Lakes” which is being investigated by the BPS. It involved a stabbing and injuries to two people, who were treated in hospital and released. There were a number of events involving large crowds of people having fun that occurred without incident. The list of events includes the Cup Match event itself, major concerts, Beachfest, the Raft-Up in St. George’s and the Non-Mariners event in which hundreds of boats were present.

Mr. Speaker, considering the amount of people, there were very few incidents. We must thank our emergency service personnel. We see them as “first-responders” when there is an incident, but we forget they are on duty – away from family and friends - during these holidays when the rest of us are having fun. They are on duty at all manner of unsociable hours to protect and serve us. They include people at the hospital and ambulance service, our firemen and people responsible for maritime safety. And there are many others.

Mr. Speaker, I was beneficiary of the Royal Bermuda Regiment and the Bermuda Police Service joint maritime policing deployment; when they rescued me from the Boston whaler in which I was traveling, which encountered engine failure.

Mr. Speaker, in closing, even when factoring in the incident at Paradise Lakes, the Cup Match holiday was relatively safe. There is still an opportunity for the BPS to learn and grow from last week’s events. The Government will continue to work with the BPS to ensure that they remain fit for purpose and that Bermuda is a safe place for all.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.