Cup Match Holiday Fast Ferry Schedule

30 July, 2019

The Department of Marine and Ports Services is advising that during the Cup Match holiday (Thursday, August 1 - Friday, August 2) the fast ferry service will run on the following schedule:

 Blue Route

Operating on the full weekday schedule between Hamilton and Dockyard.

Orange Route

Operating on the weekday schedule between Dockyard and St. George’s;

Published Schedule

  • Commencing from Dockyard at 9:30am on Thursday, the last ferry returning from St. George’s at 5:45pm 
  • Commencing from Dockyard at 9:30am on Friday, the last ferry returning from St. George’s at 3:45pm 

Additional Services

  • Departs Watford Bridge at 7:30am and Dockyard at 7:45am to St. George’s, departs St. George’s at 9:00pm to Dockyard.

Pink Route

Operating on the Public Holiday Schedule between Hamilton, Paget & Warwick as of 10:00am from Hamilton, last departure at 6:00pm. 

Green Route

No regular ferry services on this route 

For ferry scheduling information and alert notifications please visit